(organised by Eva Dagn)

"Sanibonani!" - This was the way Ziyadliwa welcomed us. It means "Hello" in Zulu which is a language spoken in Africa. Months before Mrs Ziyadliwa came to our school she asked us to write letters to her. She wanted to know what we were interested in, what stories we wanted to listen to and if we had any questions about herself. So each of us wrote letters and gave them to Mrs Dagn who sent them to her. And imagine, Ziyadliwa wrote back to each class and answered most questions (see yellow letter). We were really surprised. One day in November she actually arrived at our school with a big story bag. Some pupils were allowed to pull out some items which were connected to the stories: a jacket full of holes = story: "A holey jacket" / a perfume = story "The Theft of Smell", some seeds, ... And then Ziyadliwa told us strories from foreign countries such as Ghana, Sierra Leone and Kenya (Africa), Ireland, Great Britain, USA, Korea, ...
Mrs Ziyadliwa comes from Southafrica originally, so she knew a lot about the animals there, like the bushbuck. Most of us had never heard of it before. She told us tales (Fabeln) about cleverness and strength. While she was talking she was walking around, moving her arms and changing her voice quite often. It was really amusing to listen to her. Moreover, she walked around barefoot because she felt more grounded without shoes, she said - We hope she will visit us again next year.

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